Sunday, September 17, 2006

Football - UVA Notes

Some notes for Thursday's game:

Even trying 3 quarterbacks, Cavaliers find no solution

"What I saw out of the three quarterbacks was what I see every day — not enough production," said Groh, even though the three combined to complete 24 of 32 attempts for 189 yards. "We need somebody to make a play some way offensively."

Groh did not say who would start Thursday at Georgia Tech.

Virginia offense stuck in neutral

QB troubles derail Cavaliers

Virginia left searching for answers after shut out

“It’s like being caught in quicksand,” said Groh. “When you can’t score any points, you can’t kick it through, you can’t throw it in, and you can’t run it in, it makes it pretty hard to win. Teams that we’re playing are recognizing that, playing a certain kind of game. They know that they don’t have to score a lot of points to win. We put them in position to get 14 [points] today. That’s good smart planning on their part.”

Opponents have wisely taken advantage of UVa’s weaknesses and blitzed the living daylights out of the Cavaliers.

“Whoever they put in there, we were trying to put pressure on them and make some big plays,” said Western Michigan senior linebacker Ameer Ismail.

Virginia thinks it has seen blitzing? Just wait ’til Thursday night when they hit Atlanta. Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta must be licking his chops at the prospect of putting the heat on Virginia. He normally blitzes every down anyway, so goodness knows what he may throw at the Wahoos.

He didn’t expect to get the whole second half, but Virginia’s coaches were left - and still are left - with some interesting questions. Do they go with a redshirt freshman in a season that looks dismal from this point, or go with the quarterback that gives them the best chance to win week by week?

John Madden once said, “If you’ve got two starting quarterbacks, you’ve got none”

So, what if you’ve got three?

Broncos bust out at expense of Cavaliers

Hamilton's injury kept under wraps by UVa

Meanwhile, check out

Bottom line is that Virginia is a team in flux, in slight chaos, and Georgia Tech needs to capitalize and start the real season off right, going 1-0 in the ACC. However, this is Georgia Tech's first REAL test in my opinion. This is EXACTLY the type game we have struggled with in the past. For this team to develop a signature of consistency, they need to beat teams they should. UVA is one of those teams, but they put their pants on a leg at a time also. Lace 'em up and come ready to play boys.

Don't believe the hype. Just play hard and get the W.