Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Saying all the right things

Our new AD sure does "get it". So he's saying the right things. Now we'll just have to find wait and see if he does the right things too. How about these for quotes:

On winning, quite a different take from Dave Braine:

"I expect to win every game," he said during an interview, relaxing in the office that is still a work in progress. "I don't think we can ask a student-athlete to compete on the court or on the field without expecting to be successful. We want our coaches to play within the rules, graduate their student-athletes and compete at the highest level every week. If they do those three things, we're going to be successful."

On Dave Braine's comment that Tech is one of the toughest jobs in the nation:

"I don't think that next to the service academies we're one of the tougher jobs in the country," he said. "Do we have the resources? Yes. Do we have the population base? Yes. Do we have a supportive, affluent alumni base? Yeah, we've got that. I can tick off plenty of schools that don't have that."

On beating UGA:

"I want to beat Georgia as much as the next guy -- and more," Radakovich said. "But I really want to win championships. We can't win championships just by beating Georgia. That's real important."

And on Tech's success vs UGAg:

"We've won a national championship in football more recently than Georgia. We've been to the Final Four in men's basketball more recently than Georgia," Radakovich said. "I like to look at the glass as half full rather than half empty."

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