Monday, May 08, 2006

Football Recuiting: Rating The Raters

All you recruit-niks take note - a Michigan blogger has taken on in determining how well they really did picking the top 100 football recruits of 2002. Their conclusion - they did pretty darn well. They completed the top 50 and the next 50 will be posted later.......... Check it out.

mgoblog: Rating The Raters: 2002 Rivals 100 Part I

Having read that, it just confirms my overall conclusion - the challenge is NOT ranking the top 100, it's the next 300 that are the challenge. What would be REALLY interesting is to see how and did after you passed the top 100, because that's where they really should be judged. Everybody follows the top kids, and you can bet a 5-star kid has a pretty good chance of being successful at the D-I level. Take Calvin Johnson - 5-stars - good call. Duhhh. .............. However, start getting into the 2-4 star kids and it's a real crap shoot. That is where college coaches really earn their money - talent evaluation of the kids NOT at the top. Because do you think for a second that and can really evaluate 500+ kids fairly with their small staff of people? No way.