Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hoops - Charlton Young Wants Out???

I'm sorry but this just doesn't feel right to me. It's official that one season after joining the Jackets as an assistant, Charlton Young is interviewing for an assistant position with Tennessee.

KnoxNews: Vol Basketball

Sorry, I don't get it. Only last month, Young had this to say when it was rumored he was in the running:

Georgia Tech assistant Charlton Young, who spent seven years on Cliff Ellis' Auburn staff and was associate head coach at UT-Chattanooga under Jeff Lebo in 2004-05, laughed off the notion that he was interested in the opening.

"I'm not a candidate. That's message-board stuff," Young said, when reached by telephone Monday. "They've got me going everywhere this year. I'm a Georgia Tech guy."

Coach Young, please explain to Jacket fans what has changed. Please explain why you lied last month and said that you're "a Georgia Tech guy" all the way. Please explain to Jacket fans what the motivation is for you to go from an assistant in the top conference in the nation to an assistant in the SEC? If there is some hometown motivation or Bruce Pearl is an old mentor of yours, ok. Just let us know why you are interested in leaving with such an outstanding recruiting class coming in. Why have you bounced around so much during your coaching career and now want to do it again? I'm only saying these things because many fans like what you've brought to the team, both in recruiting and instruction. But ok, if you want out, we wish you the best. We just don't understand. What aren't you finding for yourself here in ATL that you think you're going to get elsewhere. I just hope there's not "more to this story", as Paul Harvey would say........