Thursday, May 18, 2006

NCAA: Good news, bad news for GT Football

The NCAA announced today that the Georgia Tech football team would not have to forfeit games from a six year span, as originally thought. The bad news, is that GT still will not be able to recoup the scholarships that were lost as a result. All in all Wayne Clough was pleased with the result.

"We take certification of athletic eligibility seriously and have strengthened the system to help ensure that we are fully compliant in the future," Clough said in a statement released by the school.

"Additionally, we are particularly appreciative that the committee determined that the football team's records should stand. I am personally pleased that we are now able to close this issue and put it behind us."

The NCAA accepted Tech's self-imposed reductions of 3.90 scholarships in men's track and field and two scholarships in women's track and field for the 2005-06 and 2006-07 academic years.

A violation also was found in the women's swimming program, but the swimmer involved was not on scholarship, so that program was not penalized with a scholarship reduction.
Also, GT's 1998 ACC Championship stands, so they can keep the rings.
There were no TV or bowl restrictions placed on the football program. Like Wayne said we should be happy it's all behind us now, and we can still play football.