Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chan Gailey Radio Interview

Right Click here to listen or download the Radio interview with Chan Gailey. Good interview overall. Some notes:

- Patrick Nix taking over playcalling has been in the works for a long time. Just a matter of time and seemed like a great time to do it. Great players returning and great ideas for our offense.
- I have to make a clean break. Can't do it in increments.
- Calvin Johnson is the best size / speed / hand-eye coordination guy he's ever coached - best he's every been around. He stills needs more experience like everyone but that's just time. The sky's the limit for him. The challenge is getting a great WR the ball. It's a lot harder to get a great WR the ball than it is a great RB or a great QB. Rest assured we're doing everything we can do to get him the ball
- on spread offense -
- on defense - challenge is secondary - only one returning starter. Front 7, if healthy, will be as good as we've ever been at Tech. But secondary will require guys to step up and fill some holes.
- on contract extension. You just can't recruit without long term stability. If "I" was a kid I would look at it.