Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alonzo Mourning - Promises of Riches

Evidently Alonzo Mourning has written a new book. Evidently he has also thrown out some interesting accusations about his college recruitment:

But first, in the publicity department, there is another matter that will need to be aired out. Mourning writes that various colleges - specifically Maryland, Syracuse, Georgia Tech and Virginia - recruited him with offers of fancy clothes and dinners, and that "everyone understood I could have gotten money at any of these places."

Obviously, you're going to hear about it. A guy's got to sell books, so he needs a hook. Evidently the compelling story of a big man overcoming life threatening kidney disease isn't enough. Well, multiple personality disorder wasn't enough for any of the Hershal's, so you need something more juicy.

We went through the whole Sebastian Telfair accusations, which proved to be false. Now this junk. Of course there's no proving or disproving anything.

Hope you sell some dead trees my man. I'm sure part of the story is how he rose above the traps of stardom to pick Georgetown, where all they could offer him was a scholarship and a gym. Yeah, right.