Monday, September 08, 2008

The ACC may stink, but.......

.... it is clear the league has no issues playing tough competition. ESPN did an interesting statistical survey of the top BCS teams that don't avoid competition. They ranked teams by the percentage of non-conference games against BCS opponents. Check out the list:

#1 FSU
#2 USC-west
#3 Georgia Tech
#5 North Carolina
#6 Michigan State
#7 Iowa
#8 Miami
#9 (tie) Clemson, Duke, Penn St, Syracuse, Virginia

Are you sensing a theme here? Of the top 13 teams, 7 are from the ACC. How many from the SEC? Try zero. What's up with that? Look I'm not saying the ACC is better - it clearly isn't. However, SEC, it's time to buck up and play some more BCS teams.