Thursday, August 14, 2008

Football - Depth Chart Released

Georgia Tech released an official depth chart, which is bound to change daily, so take it all with a grain of salt. Here you go:

Aug 13 Depth Chart

Here are a few interesting points:

  • All offensive skill positions are led by either freshman or sophomores, and 16 of the 18 in the 3-deep are as well.
  • Where is Willie White?
  • Quite a few walk-ons ahead of scholarship guys. Not surprising with PJ.
  • Clearly the class of 2007 is making their mark. They are seriously penetrating the depth chart.
  • Lucas Cox is listed as the #1 A-Back ahead of Greg Smith. On one hand, Lucas has a number of outstanding runs in the spring, but mostly at B-Back. He's performed well in the fall as well, but to list him as the #1 A-Back shows that Paul Johnson does want to get guys on the field who perform. However, he's not the prototypical A-Back at 6'0" 238lb. On the other hand, Greg Smith was in the doghouse a bit for heading to the beach one time too many (beach is where injured players sit during practice). Maybe this is a bit of a message to Greg Smith to push himself a bit harder.
  • Jaybo Shaw is listed as the #2 QB. While that surprises nobody, it does put Shaw in a pretty solid position to get snaps this season and not use his redshirt. Lets say we head into game 1 with Jax St. Let's say the Jackets go up big. Is Paul Johnson going to ride Josh Nesbitt the entire game and risk injury? Is PJ going to use the opportunity to get the #2 QB some game experience? I just don't see a Chan Gailey situation. I see the #2 guy getting snaps no matter what.
  • Marcus Wright is nowhere to be found in the 6 listed A-Backs. On one hand that is not totally suprising since he's a true freshman. On the other, he seems perfect for the position and the offense, and I think many people pegged him to make his mark early. Kudos to Jonathan Malone, Jon Lockhart and Embry Peeples for making the depth chart.
  • Correy Earls isn't listed, but is shown as injured at the bottom right.
  • O-Line 1st team- Gardner, AJ Smith, Voss, Gilbert, Brown. A redshirt frosh, a rs-Jr and 3 rd-seniors. Experience typically trumps talent, although you have to hand it to Gilbert as a rs-frosh. Evidently he's got a mean streak and it's paying off.
  • O-Line 2/3 deep - I found it interesting that Nick Claytor is at 2-deep and Clyde Yandell at 3-deep behind Andrew Gardner. Claytor has really been re-shaping his body, but Gailey almost didn't redshirt Yandell because he performed so well in practice last season. Now we find him 3rd on the list. I guess I pictured Claytor and Yandell as bookend tackles for the next few years. Interestingly though, all 3 left tackles are at least 6'6" and are all around 300lb, while all 3 right tackles are 6'3" and are 271, 254, and 253 lbs, respectively. Left tackle is Josh Nesbitt's blind-side protection and typically the most important line position, although successful execution of the option relies on an extremely talented center.
  • At linebacker, Shane Bowen is listed in the 2-deep, behind AT Barnes. This is a little surprising because he has more game experience than anyone. However, he didn't practice in the spring and I sure haven't heard his name much in the fall. Kyle Jackson and Brad Jefferson show up as starters, both in their 2nd season. I have to be honest, I did not think Jackson was going to make a big impact. However, he's evidently worked extremely hard reshaping his body and preparing to play. Kudos.
  • In the defensive backfield, you have Jahi and Mario Butler at the corners, and Mario Edwards and Morgan Burnett at safeties. No surprises there.
  • Scott Blair looks like he's our FG kicker and kickoff man, as well as 2nd in the depth chart at punter. Chandler Anderson is the 1st string punter.
What are your thoughts after looking at the depth chart?