Monday, August 25, 2008

College Pick'em Challenge - GET PICKS IN NOW!!

I just created a Georgia Tech college pool over at Get bragging rights for your ability to pick games!!!!


Just head over, sign up, and get your picks in before Thursday night!!!! There will be between 10-15 games each week. The pool will run every week during college football season and you can view your standings against everyone else in the pool.

I've basically included all ACC games each week, as well as UGAg's matchup that week. We might also add an interesting game or two each week as well. In addition there is a weighting factor for each pick. The higher the confidence, the higher the number you assign (1-11 in week one). You have to assign one number to each game, and you'll get that many points if you get the game right. FYI - you're picking straight up, not against the spread.

There is no cost. There is no spam involved. Should be fun. Spread the word!! Get as many people signed-up as possible.

Sign up now!!!