Sunday, August 24, 2008

Deja Vu Anyone

Check out this review of an ACC team, and guess which one it is..... and no, it's not an old Chan Gailey flashback:

Coaching: Allow me to depart from my usual overall coaching report to go off on a diatribe. When you have no division or league championships (let alone the national titles promised upon his hire), when your seven-year record is worse than the program's seven-year mark prior to your arrival, the arrogant, brusque and generally secretive demeanor exhibited by coach ???????? point to a guy who made the wrong career decision seven years ago. It's not as if he's reinvented the game and is protecting his secret formula for winning national titles. While none of the qualities mentioned above are admirable, they'd at least be understandable if championship banners were fluttering in the breeze around ????? Stadium. Coach did, and would again, make a solid NFL coach. He's good at developing talent for the professional ranks. He sure as hell manages games like an NFL contest. And that's the problem - the NFL is about playing close to the vest and not taking many chances. It's about surviving the grind from week to week, but not necessarily winning every week. 9-7 in the NFL can still win your division and get you a shot at the Super Bowl. And the NFL is where ????? should've remained. College football is about taking chances, having fun, playing loose, and playing to win instead of playing not to lose. Does ???????? do that? Not in my eyes. ??????? will get you anywhere from 4-8 to 9-4 in a given year. He's good enough in that the bottom will never fall out. But his style makes ??? incapable of bringing home championships (division, league, national) and he's always going to be in some type of rebuilding mode. I know a lot of faithful disagree, but I'm also aware that plenty are ready for a new direction. ?????????? football can be so much more. It's about change! It's about hope! Thank you ladies and gentlemen, God bless America and God bless ACC football.

Sound familiar? Can you guess what team of which they speak? Here's the answer.