Monday, February 25, 2008

NFL Combine - Ships Passing in the Night?

Philip Wheeler - Linebacker extraordinaire........ the super-missle....... the playmaker........ the man

Gary Guyton - the raw talent......... Robin to Wheeler's Batman............... 2nd fiddle

So here we are at the NFL Combine, and it is Gary Guyton shining and Wheeler slipping. This from

Gary Guyton, Georgia Tech: Guyton ran times of 4.56 and 4.58 seconds. He displayed quickness in drills, easily moving about the field and always staying on balance.

Philip Wheeler, Georgia Tech: Wheeler ran poorly in the forty, timing between the upper 4.7 range to the low 4.8 area. He looked stiff and sluggish in drills and did nothing to dispel the belief he's a one dimensional run stuffing linebacker.

Not only did Guyton run well, he posted the best times of ALL the Linebackers. He posted the highest vertical of all Linebackers. He also posted the longest broad-jump in the field of LB's. In short, Guyton clearly has improved his draft stock, while Wheeler did not dispel the notion that he's a one-dimensional LB.

............. like ships passing in the night.