Thursday, February 14, 2008

Football Scheduling

Side note on the schedule - evidently Appalachian St saw where Georgia Tech had an opening in the schedule. So they picked up the phone to see if Dan Radakovich was interested in playing the Mountaineers.

D-Rad: Hello....

App State: Dan, how are you? This is Jay Sutton, the AD over at App.St.

DRad: Jay, how are you?

Sutton: I'm good. Hey Dan, listen. I noticed that you've got an open spot on your schedule and was wondering if you'd be interested in playing our little school next season.

DRad: Jay, I'm trying to remember. Aren't you guys pretty good?

Sutton: Dan, we've had some success, but we're just a little of North Carolina school in I-AA. Playing such a big, important school as yourself would sure give our school the type exposure we need.

DRad: For some reason I keep thinking you guys are real good. Maybe I'm confusing you with Furman or something like that.

Sutton: Oh, yeah, you're definitely getting confused. Not us. We're just a little I-AA school.

DRad: Hang on, let me look you up on the internet.

Sutton: Oh Dan, now, uhhh, you don't have time for that. You're a big AD. Don't go wasting your time doing that.

DRad: Now wait a minute Jay. This site says you just won your third consecutive national championship..................... oh yeah - you were the guys that beat Michigan to open the season.................... oh yeah - you guys run a spread offense................ oh yeah, you have that stud Armanti Edwards at QB.............. Jay, I'm not sure that..............

Sutton: ................ dial tone...........

Truthfully, App St has contacted a bunch of schools like GT, FSU, NC and Clemson, and we all turned down their gracious offer............. AS WE SHOULD!!!

Trust me, we don't want to be opening the season against those guys with a brand new offense, a brand new coaching staff, a brand new QB, blah blah blah.

Props to LSU for taking the challenge. Maybe another time for us. I absolutely abhor the fact that we have two I-AA schools on our schedule, but I sure as heck don't want those guys as one of them.

Here is a quote from an anonymous ACC coach:

"Of course we don’t want to play [Appalachian State]," said an anonymous ACC coach to "It’s not because I don’t think we can beat them. … When we play a [FCS] team, we want to play our starters for one quarter, get a lead, and get them out of there. That’s not going to happen against Appalachian."