Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Chan Gailey's Fault

.......sssooooooo, if we didn't have to shell out $1mill a year to former Coach Gailey, would we have had the dough to actually repair the roof at AMC? I'm kidding of course, it makes one wonder about the quality of facilities. A rainout of a hoops game? Bizarre. Was the roof leaking all day, or just 5 minutes before gametime? Did noone have a tarp they could tie up there and refunnel the water somewhere else? Thousands of engineers willing to integrate and differentiate, and yet nobody could get up to the roof and stick a piece of gum in a hole?

Oh well. Evidently D-Rad made the statement that the game will be re-played. They just have to find the right time-window. Of course from the standpoint of the ACC race, it's quite irrelavent. The only real significance would be the eternal asterick in the record books showing UVA and GT playing one less ACC game in 2008.

By the way, did anyone look in the parking lot and make sure that Lee Corso's rental car was ok?