Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hoops - Jackets Nab Another Close Road ACC Victory

On a day when people are focused on the results of Super Tuesday, and the college world is focused on football recruiting and signing day activities, and much of the hoops world is focused on the first Duke vs North Carolina bout of the year......... another little game was played at a school I like to call Wake Forest. In that little game, our group of rambling wreckage did it again. They got another ACC road win. They looked left for dead in the 2nd half again. They came back and took control of the game in the final minutes.

Some key points:

  • The Jackets are now 3-1 on the road in the ACC.
  • The Jackets are 1-3 at home in the ACC....... go figure.
  • On the season the Jackets are 6-5 on the road + neutral courts.
  • On the season the Jackets are 4-5 at home. So much for the Thrillerdome this season.
  • The Jackets snapped a 16-game home winning streak by WF.
  • The Jackets won for only their 2nd time at WF since Coach Hewitt arrived.
  • A-Mo was a beast in the 2nd half, scoring all but 2 of his points and pretty much sealing the game by draining free throws
  • Speaking of free throws, the Jackets shot almost 80% as a team. Wow.
  • Here's something. This team is seriously taking care of the ball in the 2nd half of their games. I think Wes said that in our last 4 games, we've only had something like 18 turnovers in the 2nd half combined. That's outstanding.
  • What is the deal with Harvey Hale playing the Jackets? He throws bricks against everyone else, but rains three's from all over the floor every time he plays us?
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again - Matt Causey is a firey little cuss. He did it again tonight, intentionally fouling James Johnson, who then started clapping in Causey's face, made contact, which led to a little scuffle. Causey got booed everytime he came on the floor from that moment on. Well........ Matt's Matt. That's all there is to say about that.
  • Up next is UConn on the road. At this point, we need that win to keep any flicker alive for an NCAA hope. Heck, any loss is almost a nail in the coffin. A .500 record in the ACC ain't going to cut it for these Jackets with their poor out-of-conference showing. The way I see it, it's going to take at least a couple of games over .500 in conference, then do a little damage in the ACC Tourney.

Regardless, another solid road win in the ACC. Heck, we've had more road ACC wins the past month than we had the past 2+ years.

Great going Jackets!!!