Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go check out more GT blogs!

Obviously no one has been tending to GTSB lately, but of course we want you to get your GT news and fan commentary all the same. I assume most of you know the message boards The Hive and BBuzzoff, but there are also several solid GT blogs out there. Please go check these out while we're away... as well as when we're around.

  • First off, there's the PlayatGaTech.com blog. This is run by the GTAA, and is more of a marketing tool for recruits than anything, but it's a good spot to see where the Jackets have been in the news.
  • TheLegacyx4 is definitely the best place right now for your GT blog needs. The language is a bit saltier than around here (but not extreme), so if you're reading with your nine-year-old or something, be aware.
(Note to any GT bloggers out there: If I did not include your site on this list, it is not meant as an insult. It is because the site has not updated much lately. The main point of this post was to offer places where you can expect to read new stuff.)