Monday, November 24, 2008

Clean Old Fashioned Hate - Why This Year Matters

Does that headline seem odd? "It matters every year!" you might say, and you would be right. But this year matters more than any other in Tech history. This year, we defend the Drought.

Here's a little history, for the kids. For eight glorious years from 1949 to 1956, Tech beat Georgia in football. The margins ranged from one point (1949) to 42 points (1951), but every year the Yellow Jackets came out on top. Georgia fans refer to it as "the Drought." When the Drought ended, it was a huge deal for Dawg fans. Theron Sapp--a player with an otherwise unremarkable career--ended Tech's eight-game streak by scoring the only touchdown in 1957's Tech-Georgia game. Sapp became Georgia's only non-Heisman winner to have his jersey retired, just for ending the Drought. Alumnus Harold Walker wrote an epic poem in praise of Sapp.

Only once before has Georgia gotten to seven in a row vs. Tech, winning from 1991-1997. Ten years and one day after the 1998 game, which Tech won 21-19 in Athens, the Jackets have a chance to once again stop the Dawgs at seven and preserve history.

Georgia owns the series record (59-38-5) and total points (1694-1439), but we own the longest streak. Let's defend the Drought. Like no other year, this year matters.

Go Jackets!