Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"The Man Who Broke Our Drought" by James Demby

Last week we referenced the poem "The Man Who Broke the Drought," by Georgia alumnus Harold Walker.

In the comments from our post about the Drought, we learned that the late Mr. Walker's grandson James Demby ended up at Tech, despite his whole family being Dawgs. After Saturday's game, James wrote a poem of his own. His poem follows this funny story he sent along with it.

Thanks a lot of sharing with us, James.

My family had Thanksgiving dinner at my mothers brother's (Harold's son) house, and they asked me to say the blessing. So, I said a blessing giving thanks for how fortunate we all where during these hard times and how fortunate we were to be able to spend the time with family, and at the end I said, "dear God please help Georgia Tech beat Georgia".

Then, Saturday, about twenty minutes after the game ended I received a call from my uncle informing me that I would no longer be saying the blessing at his house ever again.

That is where my pray Thanksgivings line comes from.

"The man who broke our drought"

Now we all revere John Heisman
And Bobby Dodd's praises sing
While talk of 1990
Still makes the heavens ring.
But now we have a new hero,
Oh what glory he's brought back,
We finally beat old Georgia
With his triple option attack.

Stand up ye loyal jackets
Wherever you are this day
Raise up your glass and give a cheer
For magnificent C.P.J.

I cheered him all this season
As he fought for every game
Using an "antique" offense
Where no one man gets the fame.
“Three yards and a cloud of dust,”
His detractors they would say.
Three yards were now quite enough
For wily old C.P.J.

He has not even started
This champion of mine.
He will build a better team
Which hard work will refine.
Though these are not the best of times
Of one fact there's no doubt-
We all can pray Thanksgivings
For the man who broke OUR drought!

James Walker Demby