Saturday, December 02, 2006

What's Buzzin'

Well, just got back from a party............................ . You know, I am still disappointed in today's performance, but got over today's loss a lot easier than last week. Why? Well, I didn't put my heart out there quite as far. I didn't let myself get too vulnerable after last week. So more than anything I'm just disappointed for the team. Honestly, I think the coaches mostly let them down this week. I'm still a Chan Gailey fan, but the offensive game-plan today was not a good one. That's two weeks in a row. You know, today, I don't even blame Reggie Ball that much. He didn't have a great day, but when he's constantly getting called to throw deep balls, what do you expect? The offense had no rythm today. None. It would be one thing if the run game was not working.................... but it was.................... it was................. Tashard Choice only carried the ball 21 times and he rushed for 100 yards. Instead of letting him be the base on the offense, we let our QB throw on 1st down. The offensive play-calling lacked diversity, lacked imagination and of course lacked execution. It was an all-or-nothing effort time after time after time after time. Personally, I put most of that on Patrick Nix and Chan Gailey. I was continually scratching my head on the play calling after the 1st quarter.

There's an AJC article that quotes Joe Anaoi after the game:

“I don’t forget anything,” said defensive tackle Joe Anoai. “Someday I’ll look back on this, and … it’s a lack of offensive production. The defense can’t do everything.”
I really HATE to see that type of quote. Why? Well, you know that that this has to have been a frustration of the defense on many occasions the last few seasons, and it certainly had to be last week in Athens. For your team captain to actually say that................. I think the team is at a new low right now in spirit, frustration, sadness and disappointment. They have to be lower than low.

I'll tell you this - Chan Gailey has a GIANT task at hand.............. the kids now have to go into finals, focus on school, then they have to get their heads back into football and in a positive direction. We all know that attitude going into your bowl game makes all the difference. It did last year in San Fran. It will again this year if Chan Gailey doesn't push the right buttons. He's got to play psychologist, motivational speaker, arbitrater, mind-reader, daddy and leader in the coming weeks.

It's going to be interesting to see how many Tech fans go to the bowl game. Reports are that the Gator Bowl will in fact re-invite Tech back again. However ACC commish John Swofford at halftime essentially said that the Gator Bowl would be allowed to pick someone else than GT. Guess we'll have to see............. Will fans support the team? Based on the internet boards, comments and stories, the early answer is questionable. I suspect once cooler heads prevail everything will be a little better.

I'll tell you this though - if Tech loses their bowl game it's going to be a LONG off-season................ really long............... excrutiatingly long.................

Again, for my moment of perspective, let's look at the big picture for a second. This team has won 9 games. We will be going to a New Year's Day bowl game. January 1............. If we were talking in August and we knew that we could have a 9 win season and a Jan 1 bowl, even the hardest cynics of the group would probably have said - at least it's in the right direction - I'll take it. The 9 wins are a step up. The team was on a mission this season - to win the ACC Championship, and they came darn close. They are the coastal division champions and the ACC runner-ups. That is nothing to be ashamed of and in no way can you say this has been a terrible season.

The way the season is ending is what really hurts the most. These last two weeks have just put a wet blanket on the whole thing and are hard to take. But let me tell you this - these weeks hurt more because they mattered more. Because this team did what they did all season, we were in a position to have our heart ripped out. That's a good thing. But when your heart does get ripped out........... it's the fans turn to show how THEY handle adversity. From what I see so far, I'm not too impressed. Buck up folks...................................