Friday, December 22, 2006

Reggie Speaks

Watch Reggie Ball and hear his comments about his academic ineligibility. He thinks he should have gotten credit for a database management class in a group project that he didn't get credit for. He ended up with a "D" and he should have gotten a "B". Reggie is dropped as a student for at least a semester, like any other student, but he will re-enroll for the following semester. He said his first priority was getting his degree and he's not worried about missing the Gator Bowl - he has confidence in his teammates. His is appealing but it will not be heard until after the bowl game.

Overall, he seemed poised and said the right things. He didn't think it was that fair, but it's done and now he's dealing with it the best he can. He said his biggest regret was that he could have tried harder, could have done things differently than he did.

Interesting, he was making his statement to channel 2 at the home of "one of his advisors", a local lawyer. His girlfriend was with him............