Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hoops - Jackets Drop ACC Opener

Well, I watched the game, but it was one of those decorate the X-mas tree while watching out of the corner of my eye - kind of things. The Jackets lose their ACC opener on the road to Miami 90-82. No time for a detailed write-up so I'll offer a couple of notes.

Two series of plays stood out for me - both at crunch time at the end of the half then at the end of the game. The first - a fast break towards the end of the half. Javaris is streaking out and gets a long pass to him. His eyes get wide as he goes to grab the ball, mis-handles it and the ball squirts towards OB. He runs for the ball, jumps in mid-air, looks for someone to pass to, but passes it to a Miami player who runs up court and they his a transition 3-pointer at the buzzer. That's a 5 point turnaround to end the half. That gave Miami a 39-37 lead.

The second series went like this - 2:32 on the clock. The Jackets down by 2 pts. Lewis Clinch drives right and dribbles the ball off his foot OB. It would be his only turnover of the night, but a critical one. Miami takes the ball down misses a layup but get a 2nd chance dunk. Javaris takes the ball down, meanders in the lane then throws up a brick mid-range shot that barely draws iron. Miami takes the miss goes downcourt and gets another dunk on a nice pass in the lane.

Game............... Set............... Match..

I have to give Miami credit. They hit tons of tough shots. They also hit tons of open shots. The D has a lot of work to do. this is not going to be an easy season for Jacket fans to watch. However, remember, the goal is to win enough games to make the dance and be playing our best ball in Feb / March.