Sunday, December 31, 2006

More on Jamal Lewis

More details from last night's crash that hospitalized Jamal Lewis

- Jamal Lewis released from hospital
- Still undecided if he will play. He is physically ok. Not sure if he is ready mentally. Lewis will make the decision
- The driver of the car Lewis was in was Corey L. Russ, an off-duty police officer, cousin of Lewis and family friend of the Lewis's.
- Happened around 5:00pm last night.
- Happened at the intersection of West Forsyth and North Broad Street.
- Russ was driving west down Forsyth (the wrong way), a one-way downtown street. He ran a red light and hit another car. They were in Russ' patrol car
- The driver of the other car (a Jeep Cherokee), Roger Phillips, 26 years old, was not injured. He was at the Forsyth / Broad Street red light, when his light turned green. He started through the intersection and was hit by Russ on the passenger side.
- They do not know why they were driving on the wrong side of the road or how fast they were driving
- Everyone involved was wearing seatbelts.
- Evidently Officer Russ died later from injuries sustained.

Here are some pictures of the patrol car.