Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NBA Draft Notes - Jack high, Bosh - why?

With the #1 pick in the NBA Draft the Toronto Raptors select yet another 3-4-5 position player. What does that mean? If you ask me, it means Chris Bosh is back at the center spot. You'll have Charlie Villanueva at the 3, Bargnani at the 4 and Bosh at the 5. Evidently this Italian dude is pretty darn "NBA Ready" and is even more of a wing player "Dirk N" type player even though he's 7'1". So it looks like Chris Bosh will probably get to be beat up even more and more like his first season, even though his is stronger. If I'm Bosh, I'm not happy. I'm not saying the Raptors didn't select the best player (I just don't know), but they sure didn't pick their biggest need.

As for Jarrett Jack, his competition at PG just was cleared a bit as the Blazers moved Sebastian Telfair to the Celtics. Jack will still have to earn the starting position, but he will no longer have to compete with "unlimited potential".

Having said that Portland has been VERY active on the trade front, so watch out for further changes. In fact, they just traded for the rights to Lamarcus Aldridge to solidify their post play.......

In a "what could have been" moment, you can't help but ask where Jarrett Jack would have been drafted this year with a very weak crop of PG's. The first PG wasn't taken until the #21 and #22 picks. It is probably safe to say Jack could have improved his draft position to be the first guard take, but would he have improved enough to move into the top 10? Pure speculation for sure. Who knows.