Monday, June 19, 2006

Jackets eliminated from CWS

Wow. Evidently the Jackets were 45-0 when leading after 7 innings this season. That is, or was, until the college world series, where the Jackets twice dropped late leads. Now the stat reads 45-2. Now the Jackets will watch the rest from home. Ouch. Two of the most difficult losses to watch as a fan, and no easier for the players in the dugout.

All you can do is tip your cap to a team that was literally a walking wounded - a patchwork quilt of limbs and ligaments. Watching every other player round the bases or run down outfield flyballs was painful. Grimaces were the norm. But they held it together and worked their way to Omaha. Yes, it would have been a feelgood story to see them take home the crown, but it wasn't meant to be. Never-the-less, I tip my cap to the diamond Jackets. You did us proud, and proved once again that if you wear the Jacket uni, there is ALWAYS a very good chance of going to Omaha.......... and if you get there, you can break through.

Great season. Gritty season. Gutty season. Disappointing ending, but isn't it mostly disappointing for all but one?

Until next year.............. GO JACKETS!!!!!

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