Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Calling all Tailgaters !!

Ok folks, the group over at www.mapgameday.com need your help. Here's an email I received from them:

I came across your website while preparing information about Georgia Tech, and have added a link to it on our website, MapGameDay.com. I enjoyed your GT regional baseball coverage. MapGameDay.com is a mapping site, where fans can identify important places (tailgate spots, hotel, parking, seats, etc) for their trips to campus on game day. The maps can then be shared with other fans. We are working on a campus recap of all of the schools, and will be focusing on Georgia Tech on June 9th.

Any advice or recommendations that you might have about pregame tailgate areas, or favorite bbq spots would be really appreciated. We will attribute you and your site as the source. If you would prefer that we not link to your site, please let me know, and I will remove the link. Thank You for your consideration.

So let's help them out. Key questions

1. Where are the best tailgate spots?
2. What are the best hotels?
3. Where are the best parking spots?
4. Best seats, etc

Just comment here and the map group will check back and read your thoughts as the days go by.