Friday, April 01, 2005

Hoops Final Four Notes

Did you know that 2 Big 10 teams in the Final Four marks the 7th straight year where at least one conference had two teams in the final four? Who have they been?

1999 - Big 10 (Mich St, Ohio St)
2000 - Big 10 (Mich St, Wisc)
2001 - ACC (Duke, MD)
2002 - Big 12 (Kansas, Okl)
2003 - Big 12 (Kansas, Texas)
2004 - ACC (Duke, GT)
2005 - Big 10 (Mich St, Illinois)

This is the 3rd time the Final Four has been held in St.Louis... In 1973 Bill Walton led UCLA over Memphis with a 21-22 performance..... In 1978 Kentucky beat Duke...... Here's one fan's final four....

Here's Jim Nantz on the Albequerque region:

I think most people were looking at the Georgia Tech-Louisville second-round matchup potentially as the one that would end up winning the bracket. And, sure enough, it worked out that way. Louisville beat Georgia Tech in Round Two, and here they are, feeling very much like they were slighted when it came to their seeding. They actually used that as a motivation all along, thinking people disrespected them by not having them as a better seed than a four.