Friday, April 01, 2005

Beesball Notes

Jackets "quietly" move to top of rankings........

"We probably spent an hour and half today discussing what we're doing with our pitchers and how we can make them better," (Coach) Hall said. "I think we understand that for us to get where we want to go, our pitching staff has to keep improving."

Like the 2002 team, this group began the year ranked 13th by Collegiate Baseball. And like that team, this one wants to shock the country by finishing at the College World Series.

The Tweps claim they are ready for the Jackets this weekend.....

"It's kinda fun. They're the best team in the country right now," senior outfielder Truan Mehl said. "Everybody in the nation wants a piece of them. We're gonna fight and battle and play the same game we've played all year"

In the "where are they now" segment, looks like Nomar is healthy....... for now....

The former Georgia Tech All-American, a .322 career hitter, batted .297 and hit four homers with the Cubs and sat out 15 of 58 games. Going 2-7 down the stretch, the Cubs missed the wild-card berth by three games.

Looks like he is hitting well in the spring:

Other than Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki, Garciaparra has been as hot as any hitter in Arizona or Florida this spring. The 31-year-old is hitting .444 with six homers and 16 RBIs in 18 Cactus League games.

As to talk of him heading elsewhere, Nomar addresses that:

"It's great to be healthy again," Garciaparra said. "I had chances to sign somewhere else, but this is where I wanted to be right now. That I came back here says a lot about this organization, this city, this team."

In softball news, Jessica Sallinger has 98 career wins

Moving Into The Century Club
A pair of stellar pitchers are looking to move into the 100-career victory club this weekend. Arizona's Alicia Hollowell and Georgia Tech's Jessica Sallinger each have 98 career wins. Earlier this season, Louisiana-Lafayette's Brooke Mitchell and Fresno State's Jamie Southern became the 39th and 40th players to win 100 career games. Courtney Blades (Nicholls State/Southern Mississippi) holds the all-time record with 151 career victories.