Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hoops: Jack to Enter Draft?

NBADraft.net says so, and they have been quite accurate on these stories the last few weeks. However, I will reiterate what I have been saying all along. This is no surprise. Entering his name into the draft has basically been a done deal. The real decision is whether he pulls his name OUT......... So don't jump off a cliff or draw any conclusions. This is playing out just as I said it would.

The reality is this - Jarrett Jack now has a chance to IMPROVE his draft stock with personal workouts. The truth is that he is very likely to do just that. He's that kind of player. Personally, I say if he improves his draft stock to 20 or better, he will go for sure.

One last note. Take the draft boards with a grain of salt. All it takes is one team to fall in love with him and he could go anywhere. There were rumors that he has been talking to Toronto. They have the #7 and #16 picks.

So don't act surprised. Just pay VERY close attention during the first week of June. That's the real decision.

By the way, over at NBADraft.net, Jack has moved up from 29 to 24 on their board.