Thursday, April 21, 2005

Here we go again...

... with mention of Paul Hewitt and the New York Knicks.

Skeptics say college coaches can't make the jump to the NBA, but the Knicks would consider any of the Big Five of Izzo (Michigan State), Smith Kentucky), Rick Pitino (Louisville), Mike Krzyzewski (Duke) and recent champion Roy Williams (North Carolina). Hewitt (Georgia Tech) has also been the subject of discussions around MSG.

Well, I can tell you that word is Coach Hewitt's parents and brother are moving from NY City to the ATL (per JC). I don't exactly know if that cements Coach a little more solidly at GT or not, but it would seem so. We will just have to take solice in the fact that Coach has said repeatedly that he's not interested in the NBA........ right now, with his daughters too young for that kind of extensive travel.