Saturday, March 13, 2004

Well what can you say

Dook flat out took it to us in the 2nd half. We fought well but just not for 40 minutes. Not fun watching the Dookies pull away.There was only one guy really making plays in the 2nd half - BJ Elder. To beat Dook everyone has to make big plays and it didn't happen. While I am disappointed, I am not taking this loss too hard. Dook is Dook, as much as we hate them, and they are an outstanding team.

Keys to the loss were rebounding in key spots, breakdowns in the defense and nobody but BJ stepping up.

Well, let's shake it off and get ready for the big dance. We will find out our seed tomorrow - should be a #4 or better. You have to be incredibly proud of what this team has accomplished. They have proven that they belong in the national spotlight, are an up-and-coming team with a young talented coach - and guess what - the tourney has not even started. GO JACKETS!!!