Friday, March 12, 2004


Let's hope Steve Hummer at AJC is right - a nice article on the possibility of the Jackets making a run................. It turns out Coach Hewitt's wife MADE him take his camel hair Jacket, but he says he will not wear it today against UNC - but hopes it will make an appearance this weekend................ Here is another story on J.Jack's future legacy and the importance of winning to put his name with Anderson, Price, Best and Marbury.................. This story looks at the path that JJAck and R.Felton took to get where they are and compares their games.............. It looks like that the Jackets even try to play hard in practice, as J.Jack took a hard fall trying to run through a screen.............. UNC fans seem to have some love / props for Jack as well, (see this thread)............. Meanwhile, A.McHenry has a plan to stop R.McCants - here it is.............. Here are a bunch of random ACC notes and stories............... Here is look another look at the end of the ACC as we know it........... In an incredible case or originality, this story refers to Luke as "Carrottop on steroids". Good one - how long did it take you to come up with that?

Jackets beat UNC in a shootout 83-78. Destiny just screams a rematch versus Dook. Besides who really wants to see Dook beat UNC for the 3rd time this year. Time for a real rivalry in the 2nd round.

From RamblinRed, some interesting stats. The Jackets are 22-0 when holding opponents to 44% FG shooting or less. GT is 21-0 when holding opponents to 71 points or less. GT is 16-1 when we match or win the rebounding battle. GT is 20-1 when we lead at halftime. The message - play defense, rebound and get off to a good start.

He is fighting for the last roster spot with the Yankees.

Well, it turns out he IS in the PBA - Philippine Hoops league - here is a story. He recently signed with "Purefoods". Did you know that they call Elisma "Elecrtic Eddie", for his "frenzied style of play". I didn't know that............ This story refers to Elisma as a "shot blocking demon".

A look at George O'Leary and his fresh start at UCF.

THE MORRIS INTRIGUE CONTINUES TO KEEP UK FANS EDGY has a rumor that Morris has definitely decided to go to college and that he has decided to attend GT "according to a close source". Of course, on the same site a year earlier was this - "Coach Hewitt has been working hard for 6'11" Dwight Howard and 6'10" Randolph Morris. The rumor is that these two players are a lock for Tech." Howard is a lock for nothing but the NBA. The UK insiders continue to assert that Morris to UK is a done deal. Although this posting on has got many of them freaked out. In fact, one of the UK boards reported that Tubby Smith brought his team to Morris's high school to practice for the SEC tourney - sounds pretty shoddy to me!!! I continue to assert that Morris will let us know when he is ready and I hope he follows his heart. He cannot go wrong either way. I would not put much stock in ANYTHING we read on the internet. We still may have to wait until April for a final decision though.