Saturday, March 06, 2004

Jackets gut out a win over hungry FSU

Well, it wasn't pretty but a W is a W. Of course the best part of all was seeing Marvin Lewis have a standout performance. Hits 5 3-pointers, scored 21 points, mostly in the second half, gets a key offensive rebound and two free throws at the end of the game to help seal the victory. Couldn't be happier for him on senior day. A real class act.

The Jackets were certainly helped by the fact that Tim Picket was sidelined with foul trouble for much of the game and also turned his ankle. If he doesn't hurt himself, I think the Jackets probably lose. FSU was just flat out hungry, but when your #1 guy is down and the gap between #1 and #2 is that huge, it is hard to pick up the W on the road. Also considering FSU has lost over 20 road games in the row, it was going to be tough. But Tim Picket is a warrior - a guy that epitomizes what the ACC is all about - a flat out player in all facets of the game. He will make a very good pro.

While Marvin Lewis was player of the game, J.Jack deserves mention. He has 18 points, 12 boards and 6 assists and only 1 to. Just a great game, although I was having fits when he missed those last two free throws at the end. If FSU had made that half-court shot I would have had a heart attack.

The Jackets played without Will Bynum, out with a hip pointer and he would have been very welcome in the 1st half.

A win is a win is a win. We'll take it and be ready for the ACC tourney. The positive thing is that once again, Hewitt has the team winning at the end of the season. AND they are winning on the road. That should make us all fell good about our chances going into post-season play.