Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The MVP Poll is final

And the team MVP as voted by you is................... J.Jack (37.6%). I can buy this choice - Jack is the floor leader, he is a vocal leader and this team is more and more HIS team as the season progresses. This will bode well for next year as well.

Runner-up was Elder (28.2%), Moore (15.7%), Luke (13.3%), Bynum (2.8%), Lewis (1.3%), Isma'il (1%), McHenry (0.2%). To me the interesting guy was Lewis, who only received 1.3%. Lewis is a quiet guy. He didn't appear to embrace the team captain role last year and almost prefers to be in the background. I think two of his best games came when he did not start. Lewis represents everything that is good about GT and college athletics - smart, talented, well-spoken, humble, dean's list, etc. So he hasn't been a vocal leader. It is obvious that the guys on the team appreciate who he is and what he does for the team. At the end of the day, there is not room for lots of big egos. Next year's team will be interesting. We have four kids coming in who are "the man" on their respective teams. They ALL lead their teams in scoring - they are ALL the go-to guy. Two of them won state titles, another has played in mutliple title games. These guys are winners and the focus of their teams. Obvioiusly Coach Hewitt has a task building some chemistry and having everyone understand and accept their roles. Fact - this year's team would NOT have accomplished what they have with Ed Nelson in place of C-Moore. Nelson seemed more concerned with minutes and starting. C-Moore just wants to win, to share his experience, to lead. He has been our glue this year.

The next poll is up - per your suggestion - what was the greatest GT victory in history? Should be fun to see how you vote on this one.