Friday, February 11, 2005

Per Tim Brando: Injuries will matter...

... to the NCAA Tourament Selection Committee. There was a comment from another hoops analyst that this would NOT be taken into consideration on selection Sunday, but this makes more sense:

The question arises from LSU fans, "Why Mississippi State as your fourth SEC team for the NCAA Tournament?''

The Bulldogs have one more loss in the conference than LSU and the Tigers beat Mississippi State.

Here is the answer to that: Mississippi State has been without guard Winsome Frazier, a significant player. The Bulldogs are getting him back from that foot injury.

When they get him back, Mississippi State becomes a very formidable team.

The NCAA Tournament selection committee knows about players that are injured. An example would be LSU's Jaime Lloreda last year.

When a player comes back, as B.J. Elder did for Georgia Tech this week, the committee takes that into account.

Plus, the fact is Mississippi State had some significant victories earlier in the season. The Bulldogs lost only two games with Frazier.

LSU hasn't had any significant injuries or dismissals from its team. Mississippi State has. The committee takes that into account and that's one of the reasons it's not inaccurate to say Mississippi State would be the fourth team right now.