Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hoops Notes

TOUGH TASK AHEAD FOR JACKETS....... Well, many people (including myself) have questioned why we do not see more of Anthony Morrow. Here's the response:

"But like I told my staff, these seniors especially have built up a lot of credit with me. I owe it to them to ride it out with them. I'm not going to give up on them."

Among the changes Hewitt considered: more playing time for freshman guard Anthony Morrow, shuffling the starting lineup and/or inserting a freshman - likely Jeremis Smith - into the starting five.

Hewitt decided against them all, even after a loss that he described as "perplexing" and "disappointing."

"These upperclassmen have accomplished too much," Hewitt said. "Maybe it's a fault of mine, but I'm going to be loyal to them."

Now, reading between the lines, do you think we might see more scripted plays during the FSU game? Check out this quote from Coach Hewitt:

"We haven't found our offensive rhythm consistently," Hewitt said. "With all the tools we have, I should be able to find a way to get us to manufacture some more points."

Listen, we all have concerns and questions. But I trust our coach. I trust him to do what he thinks is right to push the right buttons. It is pretty arrogant to think that you and I know the answer based on watching the games from the stands or on TV. I'll trust the guy who leads the team, watches them in practice and talks to them daily.

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Here is an interesting article on scheduling non-conference teams and a Paul Hewitt reference on trying to learn about ACC teams from other other ACC coaches:

While the scheduling of the game worked out perfectly, scouting an ACC team isn't necessarily as simple. As Lappas explains, ACC coaches adhere to an unwritten edict of not divulging information on other conferences teams outside of the league.

"ACC guys are not allowed to give information on other ACC schools," Lappas said. "[Georgia Tech coach] Paul Hewitt is one of my best friends, and I would call him first, but I don't want to put him on the spot. We really did not speak with anyone in particular about Florida State."