Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Case for the Top Point Guards

Sorry, but I will still take Jarrett Jack everyday of the week and Sunday. Have we struggled - yes. But let's judge Jack and the team based on post-season play. Based on 2003/2004 only Ben Gordan could claim a better season than Jarrett Jack. See this argument.

North Carolina's Raymond Felton is a stud, but did you see him spit the bit against Duke the other night? As wonderful as Chris Paul is, he was completely shut down by Luther Head when the Illini whipped Wake Forest in December. Where have Georgia Tech's Jarrett Jack and Marquette's Travis Diener led their teams this season?

Although those four - and probably a few others - have gaudier stats than Deron Williams and might (or might not) go on to have better pro careers, I wouldn't trade him for any of them in crunch time with an NCAA tournament game on the line.

That's actually great - you like your guy, I like my guy. That's the way it should be.