Thursday, February 17, 2005

AJC Writes no longer to vote....

... in polls, Heisman voting, etc. Interesting.

I see where the AJC will no longer allow it's writers to vote in polls. No longer will college football writer Tony Barnhart be allowed to vote in the Associated Poll or in the Heisman trophy poll. No longer will the the beat writers who cover Georgia and Georgia Tech be allowed to vote for the SEC and ACC all conference teams. Nor will they be allowed to pick all americans.

In explanation, AJC sports editor Ronnie Ramos wrote: Our writers need to focus on bringing you the news, not determining which sports figures ought to win awards. There is an inherent conflict when a reporter can affect the livelihood of a person or team he or she is covering.'ve gone too far. These men and women are the experts. They are the ones readers trust to know who's good and who isn't. I don't believe that a reporter giving an informed opinion on who should be on an all america team affects the livelihood of anyone.