Thursday, February 24, 2005

Humor to Lighten the Mood

I was scanning the boards to see what people were saying (you know GT overrated, the usual Luke jokes, Reddick the jerk, etc), and I found a couple of funny things that made me laugh. Thought I would share them.

First, this thread called "JJ Reddick could kick ______'s ass.". Then the fun began.

In addition, I ran across this picture from the Duke / Maryland game in Maryland. Check out the MD fan who creatively modified the Duke sign. I love it!

In addition, most ACC fans were embarrased by this game. Yeah, you can give credit to the defense, but not near as much as you would want to. Some comments from around the ACC:

Hewitt and K should be severely punished for allowing this abomination of God to be viewed by people.

is espn playing a big fat trick on us? this is really purdue vs. northwestern, right?

I thought we were going to see ACC basketball tonight on the deuce. I got Jr High here, what did you guys get?

Both teams should be banned forever.

That's two hours of my life that I will never get back.

I am embarassed that these two teams are in our conference right now. Does GT even have a scoring option on the team? 8 pts in 12 min!!!!!!!! I am not even sure this qualifies as basketball.

The saddest part is that Shavlick STILL isn't good enough to get into the game.

I am just going to let this go. Making my head hurt. Not worth it. Will never be an answer for this game no matter how long you ponder it.

This game should be stricken from the ACC records.

Lastly, this from a Wake Forest fan:

GT played like chokers tonight but they will hit EVERYTHING they throw up against us, count on it. They will bank in threes, hit shots while falling down, make all their free throws, and play like madmen and people will say "Wake just can't play defense".