Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Tommy Bowden Recruiting Saga...

...continues. Remember the story we posted called "The De-Recruitment of Tony Nelson" - link here. To provide a quick summary - Bowden offered and accepted the committment of Tony Nelson, then later withdrew his offer when two better players came along at that position. Bowden used academics as the excuse when the kid clearly would have qualified.

Well, Tommy Bowden has a way with words as their AD had to send out a letter to alumni to address the situation. Here are some of Bowden's quotes this week about the story:

Bowden said it isn't unusual to withdraw a scholarship offer.

"It happens once a year, sometimes twice a year," Bowden said before leaving for a trip to Aruba.

Well, alrighty then..... Then this:

Bowden said a variety of reasons often enter a decision to withdraw a scholarship offer.

"You can lose (assistant coaches) off your staff who might see one thing in a player that the next doesn't see," Bowden said, "or somebody better's going to come along, or you might see academic difficulties. All of these things can figure in these decisions."

Ahh, so you admit it. Someone better DID come along.

Well, at the end of the day this is a business. And two years from now, Tommy Bowden will be judged by the players ON the field, not the ones he DIDN'T sign because he took one kid's early committment in case nothing better came along. Nobody's going to say - "he may be a loser, but he sure sticks to his word, so let's keep him".

Here is the AD's final word:

"I'm not saying (withdrawing the scholarship offer) was a mistake, I'm just saying I'm not comfortable with it," Phillips said. "And, after receiving a report from Tommy, I know (Bowden and his coaches) aren't comfortable with it, either. They felt it was something that had to be done, but that doesn't mean you necessarily feel good about it."

In other words, something better came along and they wanted to take advantage. That's fine. But Tommy-boy, don't think this little incident will go away during recruiting season. You know that story will put put in front of kids with regularity to insert "FUD" into kid's minds. What's FUD? Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. You made your bed......