Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Piece #1 Falls into Place

Here was the scenario I put forth yesterday:


Tuesday, Wake Forest beats Miami
Wednesday, Virginia beats UNC (yeah right)
Wednesday, NCST beats Maryland
Thursday, Duke beats VaTech (I know, root for Duke?)
Saturday, Clemson beats UNC (yeah right, they've lost 50 in a row at Chapell Hill - really)
Saturday, Virginia beats Maryland
Saturday, VaTech beats Miami
Sunday, GaTech beats FSU
Sunday, Wake Forest beats Duke (now we're talking).

If all this happened, GT would then then have sole possesion of 4th place in the ACC at 6-6, while Maryland, Miami, VaTech and UVA would be logjammed at 6-7. NCST would be 5-7 and FSU / Clemson bring up the rear. The key is we want Miami, Maryland and VaTech to lose. In particular MD and VT, since we lost our only game against each, so we lose the tie-breaker.

Well, part 1 is in the books - Wake Forest squeeks by Miami in Miami. Don't think this game will be a cake walk for GT.

Tuesday, Wake Forest beats Miami......... done deal

Next up Wednesday:
Virginia beats UNC (yeah right)
NCST beats Maryland (this is the important one anyway)