Friday, February 11, 2005

Obscene Chants

Interesting story on Maryland fans trying to curb their use of vulgar chants, particularly against Duke. The idea - get more creative:

The fans directed chants of "Napoleon" at Georgia Tech's 7-foot-1 redheaded center, Luke Schenscher, who they apparently felt resembled the lead character from the popular movie Napoleon Dynamite.

This article touches on the rivalry and chanting as well, and also has this quote from Paul Hewitt on why fans are sick of Duke:

Maryland isn't alone in its disdain for Duke. Jealousy over the Blue Devils' ACC-leading 116 wins since 1997 (Maryland's 91 are second) often fuels opposing anger. Duke (18-2, 8-2 ACC) again leads the conference despite being picked fourth in the preseason poll.

"People in our society are happy for someone to have so much success, and then they want [someone else] to have success," Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt. "Duke has been a dominant program for 20 years. I don't think it's anything personal."

One clever chant not reported in this story was shared by BRJacket over at the Hive:

The Charlotte paper recently had a short story on Maryland getting one up on the Duke Cameron Crazies. Some Maryland fans spread word before the Jan. 26th game at Cameron that Nik Caner-Medley's girlfriend's name was Myra and that her nickname for him was Piggy. During the game the Duke crowd would taunt him by chanting, "Myra-----Piggy".

Of course he didn't know what they were chanting, but according to people who were there, the chant sounded like, "Myron Piggie," the summer league coach who had arranged for improper payments to then Duke recruit Corey Maggette. The duke fans didn't find out until later.