Thursday, February 24, 2005

Football - Auburn

Looks like Tommy Tubberville is defending his non-conference slate:

"Before you play Georgia and Alabama, do you want to go play at Michigan? I don't," he said. "You have to figure out what you can do that is best for your team."

Tuberville also defended the 2005 schedule when Auburn added Western Kentucky to its schedule after getting dropped by Southern Miss.

"We don't have to apologize for the schedule we play," Tuberville said. "We've got Georgia Tech. You want to put yourself in a scenario where you can have a competitive schedule, but you want to win the SEC. That's your goal."

Why is he defending himself? Well, articles like this.

This is why Auburn wasn't one of two teams playing in the Orange Bowl national title game last season, why the Tigers were stuck in the Sugar Bowl politicking for respect. Respect? Play someone with a pulse outside your conference, then we'll talk.

Wait, I take that back. Aubie played USC in the 2002 and '03 seasons and lost by a combined 47-17. The Tigers also played Georgia Tech in 2003 and lost 17-3. Hence, the reason for last year's brutal nonconference slate of Louisiana-Monroe, The Citadel and Louisiana Tech. And the reason the Tigers weren't playing USC in the Orange Bowl.

In other news, it official - Patrick Carter will be transferring to South Florida. He will work as a wide receiver, but also has his eye on the QB position.

His parents, John and Laura, can see him play closer to home, but that's not why they're excited, he said.

"They're happy I've found a place where I can be happy," said Carter, who will run the 100 meters for the track team as well. "They know that everything's easier when you're happy, and that's when I know I play well."

You hate that GT was not the place for him, because it was looking like 2005 was going to be a potential break-out season for him. I wish him the best.