Thursday, February 10, 2005

Congrats to Lewis Clinch!!!

The sharpshooter who will join the Jackets as a freshman next season was just named to the Roster for the Jordan Classic, and there are some big names on that list. Congrats to Lewis who is lighting things up his senior season. The game will be held April 16 in Madison Square Garden........ Here's the official website. Here's what they say about him in his bio:

Clinch is a 6’3 shooting guard who has one of the most polished mid-range scoring games in the country. He possesses excellent quickness and body control, enabling him to both create space and stop on a dime to deliver quick-hitting jumpers before the defense can react. Clinch's low-post game is just as deadly as his outside shot.

PPG: 26.3 ...... RPG: 6.1 ...... APG: 3.2