Thursday, February 10, 2005

.500 in the ACC a Popular place to bee

VaTech, Miami, Maryland, Georgia Tech - all sit at 5-5. Who will break out? The major media is starting to talk about GaTech again as a team ready for a run. Digger, Dickey V and others have singled us out during recent ACC games saying to watch out for the Jackets. Of course this all coincides with the return of BJ Elder. Let's hope for once the media knows what it is talking about..... Not only Elder, but wouldn't this be nice:

Also back for Tech is freshman forward Jeremis Smith, who had been out since the third game of the year with a knee injury. Those across the league are unfamiliar with Smith, but he could emerge as Tech's strongest power forward by season's end.

Another question being pondered - who will make the All-ACC team?

Prior to Tuesday night’s game between Clemson and Georgia Tech, three lowly scribes took shelter in the media room, and tried to solve what at first might appear to be a relatively easy question.

Away from the masses and with a few minutes of solace left before hearing cries of "He walked" every time a Clemson defender was beaten off the dribble, the reporters pondered a question: "Who is first-team all-ACC?"