Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Joe Hamilton Arrested

Well, what's the best way to kill your career one week after you joined your alma-mater? Get arrested for:

1. DUI
2. Open container
3. Marijuana possesion
4. Hit-and-run.

Not one of the four. Try four out of four. I think "tragic" is too light-hearted a word to describe this situation.

I don't have time to delve into this one right now, but I think it's safe to say (if true), that we can all say good-bye to Mr.Hamilton as an employee of the GTAA. In fact, I think it's safe to say his future employment at Georgia Tech is all-but-over in our lifetime - at least while Paul Johnson and D-Rad are there.............. and rightly so.

If true, Joe has shamed himeself, shamed his proud institution and hopefully set off a series of personal events that will lead to some necessary life-change. What's really sad about this is that Joe ain't a kid anymore. There's no learning a lesson of youth here. He's been through the ringer. He's paid his dues. He's lived life in the pro's, played his ball in Europe, played his Arena ball, struggled to make his way and came back to earn his degree. The pieces were all falling in place with Paul Johnson giving him a chance as an assistant "to help players", and start him on a path to the coaching ranks............... ka-bloom!! Gone in a flash.

Meanwhile, this will be ripe for the bloggers, jokesters, the rivals and anyone else wanting to pile on. My recommendation - roll with it. We'll hear that Reggie Ball thought it was only 3 things Joe was arrested for. We'll hear that Reuben Houston ain't that impressed. We'll hear that we shouldn't get too worked up, since Joe was never eligible while he was here anyhow. We'll hear about how THAT is what you call "the total person concept".

This is prime material for our rivals. Of course we don't much participate in the rival slamming here at the Blog, and at least 5 of Hershal Walker's personalities agree with that stance............ Most Mutts are good guys. Heck, I heard where Matt Stafford just offered to comfort Joe QB-to-QB in 2 hour spooning sessions once a week during visitation......

This just in............. apparently Quincy Carter ain't that impressed either.