Friday, May 02, 2008

28 more student-athletes "get out"

When students "graduate" from Georgia Tech, the phrase we all use is "we got out in 1992". I've run into alumni from a number of different eras, and that phrasing is fairly universal. It's more about survival at GT than graduation.

So with that, there were 28 studen-athletes that "got out" last week. Congrats!!!

Men's Basketball
Matt Causey
Anthony McHenry
Jeremis Smith

Travis Bell
Taylor Bennett
Durant Brooks
Joe Gaston
Djay Jones

Men's Swimming
Jacob Kwasnik

Men's Track.Cross Country
Cristan Duvall
David Herren
James Lemons II
Taylor Narewski

Men's Tennis
Scott Blackmon
George Gvelesiani
Eric Molnar

Women's Basketball
Daphne Mitchell
Janie Mitchell

Savannah Brown
Becky McCraw

Women's Swimming & Diving
Megan Campbell
Elizabeth Stowe
Dana West

Women's Track/Cross Country
Raenard Dillard
Antoinetta McKay
Jennifer Sims

Women's Tennis
Kristi Miller

Laura DeMichelis
Ulrike Stegemann

Kristi Miller is probably the most notable student-athlete to get out. She single-handedly elevated women's tennis at Georgia Tech into a national power. She was the one who set the trend, struck out to break new ground, and create a legacy all her own. After arguably the most successful women's athetic career in Georgi a Tech history, Kristi moves on in life. We wish her and all the graduates nothing but the best!!!