Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Football - Opening Night Just Got More Interesting

Jacksonville State. Opening night. The team that has no quarterback (last year's starter kicked off the team, 2 QB's left the team and another graduated) .............. wait........ the team that HAD no quarterback, as in past tense. Guess who's signed up to play for them in the fall - Ryan Perrilloux. That's right - the rumors are true. The former LSU head-case has decided to join up with JSU after getting the boot from Les Miles.

"Basically, I just see this as a second opportunity to be successful," Perrilloux told The Birmingham News.
Wow, he counts worse than Patrick Nix. I think he must mean "a 10th opportunity to be successful".

As if the evening needed more intrigue for Jacket fans. A new offense. A new defense. A new coaching staff. A ton of new players needing to step up. Let's face it - we should still walk away with this thing, but if we don't beat JSU it's not going to be a pretty sight - with or without Perrilloux. However, regardless of the opponent, there are a Titanic boat full of unknowns already.

This does is raise the profile of the game. There is of course keen interest for Jacket fans. Paul Johnson fans and followers will also be watching closely what happens. But now the interest will grow and others will take an even keener interest, watching like a rubberneckers at an accident on the highway (uh, Perrilloux hopefully being the "accident").