Saturday, March 17, 2007

Welcome A New Voice to the Blog

While yesterday was a disappointment for Jacket nation, today is a new day, and with new days come new things to look forward to. With that in mind, I want to introduce to you a new blogging partner - Lennie Mac......... Lennie is a Tech grad, class of 1993, Civil Engineering. Right now he resides in a suburb north of Boston, but remains a diehard Techie through and through.

Lennie recently started his own Tech 'blog - - but I got lucky and convinced him to be a regular contributor here on the #1 GT Sports Blog in the world (ok, a little self-embellishment). Lennie will add a ton of flavor to the Blog. Why? Well, here are some reasons:

  1. Lennie is a sports junkie and trivia fanatic. Anyone ever seen that ESPN Show "Stump the Schwab" ? Well, Lennie was so good, he managed to get picked as a contestant. While he didn't win, he will go on record that he was duped - per Lennie - "For the record, it was rigged, my buzzer didn't work". I imagine it was like watching those Jeopardy contestants sit there are click / click / click their hand-buzzers over and over and over. Folks, let me assure you - Lennie is the keeper of thousands of useless sports facts. I am just happy to be able to give him an audience for them.
  2. Lennie has a sense of humor. While I do have a sense of humor, I have tended to walk the straight-and-narrow a bit too much on the blog. We could use a little more sarcasm and humor around here. After the ups-and-downs of the last year of my life, this will be a good thing. Tech fans tend to take their sports a little too seriously. Time to lighten up.
  3. Lennie believes in the motto - "Just the facts". As you can see on his Blog, he is a guy who delves into statistics, formulas, facts - and uses that information to draw realistic and sobering conclusions. I think you'll like that type of insight here on the Blog.
  4. Lennie's going to call it like he sees it. There is no doubt that as Lennie puts it when describing me - "you tend to be a cup half full kind of guy". That is true, but half the time it's because I'm trying to prevent needless player bashing by all the die-hards. I want the blog to be a GT-positive site. I don't mind saying Reggie's not getting it done, then backing it up with facts, but I am not interested in saying that he couldn't throw seeds into a starving bird's mouth (even if it's true) ...................... Lennie will be brutally honest, but with a context. I think you'll like that too.
  5. Lennie cares about Georgia Tech. The fact is that most people visiting here have a deep-seated love for the Jackets. Lennie is no different. Lennie sent me a note describing the greatest GT victories that he has seen in person.

1. GT beating UGA in Athens 21-19 - Brad Chambers can and will do many great things in his life, the first sentence in his obituary 50 years from now will be "the man who kicked the game winning FG to beat UGA in Athens."
2. GT beating Duke at AMC, snapping Duke's 20 something winning streak. I especially liked when Bobby Hurley ran into Malcolm Mackey, it was like Wile E. Coyote running into a rock. To think some said Mackey was soft.
3. GT beating Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl. I got rejected by Notre Dame and I dreamed of the day when we would compete and beat Notre Dame in a New Year's Day bowl. January 1, 1999 was that day.

Also, I have watched GT beat UVA in 1990: approximately 60-70 times.

So stay on the lookout for Lennie's columns. We welcome him with open arms and hopefully you will appreciate the addition of another voice in the main column. Welcome aboard Lennie!!!!!