Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hoops - Jackets Make Field

So the Jackets make the field of 65 and will be "re-matched" against UNLV, rekindling memories of that famous 90/91 season. It will be a Friday game in Chicago. The Jackets get the 10-seed with UNLV a 7-seed. Truthfully, UNLV is a tough team. In fact, if you look at all the bracketology experts, nobody picked them wBlogger: Georgia Tech Sports Blog - Create Postorse than a 6-seed and almost every online bracket projection had them as a 4-seed, with a few at a 5-seed. So Tech will have their hands full.

Here's what we know:
Record 28-6
Mountain West Champions
RPI - #10 by Ken Pomeroy (GT #52)
Strength of Schedule #37 (GT #41)
Statistical Scouting Report

Kevin Kruger is the key, a senior Guard that was hampered by injuries early in the season, but seems to be running on all cylinders now.

1Jo'Van 'Wink' Adams3414.315739639.611214975.26016735.9
5Wendell White3214.219037450.87411365.51156.7
2Kevin Kruger2813.610926541.189106847420336.5
52Gaston Essengue347.610719854466175.4---
3Michael Umeh327.37919640.3344673.94311836.4
45Joe Darger316.05714040.7303683.3439943.4
30Joel Anthony345.47512460.5325261.5---
31Curtis Terry344.65214236.6243275288234.1
15Corey Bailey303.1386459.492339.181361.5
24Rene Rougeau221.7172860.74850-1-
-Efrem Lawrence21.51425---11100
20Marcus Lawrence341.5186030143046.721513.3
34Matt Shaw191.572231.8131872.21250
10Scott Hoffman31.01333.3---1333.3
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UNLV is a very intense defensive team and will pressure Tech and get in our face................. More later.................