Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hoops - Jackets Don't Let Up

Wow - the Jackets not only held serve by beating Boston College, they did it with a killer instinct. This team put the petal to the metal and didn't let up, beating BC by a final of 74-60. In doing so, it's safe to say this team has punched their ticket to the dance. In addition, with Duke's loss to UNC, Tech will now hold the 6th seed in the ACC tourney, shifting Duke down to #7.................. .500 in the ACC...................... 20 wins........................... there's so much to enjoy about today.

Once again pounding the glass is critical to the victory as BC only had 3 offensive boards, and they grab 13 of their own.

This team only had 9 turnovers today. Wow. That's impressive

Rio - you are a leader my friend. A guy who leads by example. It has been an absolute joy to watch you play. It is the Mario West's and PJ Daniels' of the world that I personally root for. You were a guy who came here as a walk-on, earned a scholly, are leaving with a degree, and have managed to be in the middle of every win this season. Thanks for the memories........... but how about leaving us with a few more. You are the last link to that magical 2004 NCAA run. Show these guys what it was all about.

Well, JC has continued to evevate his game - tonight dropping another 10 dimes to go with 16 pts and only 1 to. Folks, that's 21 assists in the past 2 games. That is some serious game. I'm sorry, but Brandon Wright does not deserve ROY - it's JC all the way. This team was 11-17 without him and now they're 20-10. He's the #1 reason why and has become the heart and soul of this team, along with Rio. There's already some underground buzz about the possibility of JC going league after one season. Let's not think about that until after the season, but it's clear he's got game.

So here it is - the final standings.

(End of Regular Season -- through March 4)
School Conference Overall
North Carolina 11-5 25-6
Virginia 11-5 20-9
Virginia Tech 10-6 20-10
Boston College 10-6 19-10
Maryland 10-6 24-7
Georgia Tech 8-8 20-10
Duke 8-8 22-9
Clemson 7-9 21-9
Florida State 7-9 19-11
NC State 5-11 15-14
Wake Forest 5-11 14-15
Miami 4-12 11-19

A team that started 2-6 in the league finishes 6-2. Very impressive. Another 20 win season for Coach Hewitt. While he has yet to breakthrough with that one dominant ACC season, he once again has his squad playing their best ball at the right time. Which leads us to...............

Ok - so here it comes - Thursday night 9:00pm - Jackets vs Wake Forest. It will be the nightcap game Here's the full line-up

Get your pom poms ready. because it's time to rock'n'roll. Beat Wake and VaTech is next. Beat them and it's either Duke, NCST or UVA. Let's take them one at a time.

Congratulations to the team on a very respectable regular season. You fought hard. You dug deep to find that spirit and passion that it takes to compete and win. It was a rough year again on the road but the monkey moved on to someone else's shoulders. You've proven you can play with anybody anywhere. Keep up the intensity. Keep up the passion...... and keep smiliing